Class Test::Unit::TestCase
In: lib/test/unit/testcase.rb
Parent: Object

Ties everything together. If you subclass and add your own test methods, it takes care of making them into tests and wrapping those tests into a suite. It also does the nitty-gritty of actually running an individual test and collecting its results into a Test::Unit::TestResult object.


==   default_test   name   new   run   setup   size   suite   teardown   to_s  

Included Modules

Assertions Util::BacktraceFilter


STARTED = name + "::STARTED"
PASSTHROUGH_EXCEPTIONS = [NoMemoryError, SignalException, Interrupt, SystemExit]   These exceptions are not caught by run.


method_name  [R] 

Public Class methods

Creates a new instance of the fixture for running the test represented by test_method_name.

Rolls up all of the test* methods in the fixture into one suite, creating a new instance of the fixture for each method.

Public Instance methods

It‘s handy to be able to compare TestCase instances.

Returns a human-readable name for the specific test that this instance of TestCase represents.

Runs the individual test method represented by this instance of the fixture, collecting statistics, failures and errors in result.

Called before every test method runs. Can be used to set up fixture information.

Called after every test method runs. Can be used to tear down fixture information.

Overridden to return name.